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  • uPVC

    When it comes to the Whats Latest in Materials ..? , UPVC is one name that is being increasingly heard these days..

    Made in India
    Only Green Fenestration incorporates a set of special weatherproof features that can withstand India's extreme conditions: onslaughts of ultra violet rays, tropical heat, monsoon storms, high-velocity winds and high humidity levels. European and Chinese windows are not made for this environment.

    Different design preferences.
    In the south, conventional slider and casement windows are the most popular; in the west, large sliders with monsoon proof features are in big demand; in the north, where styling is the main consideration, combinations of fixed, casement and sliding windows are the most wanted.

    Unlike Europe and the US, India has yet to standardize window sizes. They vary from project to project and home to home. To cope with this complexity and ensure customization, Green Fenestration has surveyor with teams of executive in each region, who measure each opening & guide customers in giving solutions based on their names.

  • Advantages

    Excellent weather resistance
    Thyssen Polymer uPVC withstands various kinds of weather conditions and UV rays. It does not require any special maintenance.

    Excellent heat insulation
    With a heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than Aluminium windows, Thyssen Polymer uPVC windows let you save a lot of energy, and keep your home cool and comfortable.

    Excellent sound proofing
    Multiple chambers inside the Thyssen Polymer profile structure for a sound reduction between 33 and 43 dB.

    Corrosion resistance
    Thyssen Polymer uPVC can withstand the aggressive city environment and the humidity of a beach area residence.

    Excellent fire proofing
    Thyssen Polymer profile systems are fully self extinguishing.

    Attractive appearance
    With a smooth surface and properly welded corners, Thyssen Polymer uPVC windows show a modern window design.

    Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  • Comparisons

    uPVC v/s Wood

    One window can build NINE additional strengths in your office

    clic upvc windows can outlast buildings. Made from a special UPVC formulation developed specifically for India, the windows are precision-engineered in state-of-the-art factories that deploy current global technologies.

    uPVC v/s Aluminium

    Made from a special UPVC formulation developed specifically for India, and design of the windows introduce dramatic improvements in your office environment. The construction and design of the windows dramatic improvements in your office..