Mono Rail

Technical data

  • Glazing thickness up to 20¬†mm.
  • Co-extruded gaskets.
  • Unique sliding window with fixed and movable elements.
  • Wide range of accessories due to standardised¬†60 mm frame system.
  • Integrated PVC interlock for perfect sealing with 69mm sash.
  • Fanlights and different window combinations are available.
Product Minimum Size Maximum Size Minimum Glazing Maximum Glazing
Width Height Width Height
Monorail 800mm 500mm 1200mm 2400mm 4mm 20mm
*Sizes are per shutter

Closed Position

When closed your sliding window will be secure due to
multiple locks that are engaged with just one handle and
a key operated lock(optional) will restrict the handle from
being opened.

Open Position

Sliding windows are great space savers. They allow for
your blinds and curtains to be fully closed while the
window remains open. The superior sliding system allows for
easy and effortless operation.