Fold & Slide

70 mm construction depth

Features –

  • Flood your home with natural light.
  • Outside/Inside living.
  • Take up little space.
  • Maximum glass thickness
  • Security
  • Low maintenance
  • Asthetically pleasing
  • Co-extruded gaskets.
70 mm 1.3 W/m²K 0.76 W/m²K Up to RC2 Up to 44db
Construction depth Ufvalue Best Uwvalue Safety Sound insulation

A fold & slide door is an intelligent solution to a variety of exterior door opening challenges. It is also called as Bi Fold.
GFT is a manufacturer and supplier of high performance uPVC bi fold doors.

As one of the leading specialist suppliers of bi fold doors, we have a wide range available with us. Over the years we have enhanced and
improved the look of thousands of homes, creating indoor/outdoor entertaining areas with our expert bi-fold door installation. With excellent design and
technological advancements, bi folding doors can transform the architecture of any building’s exterior or interior. While closed, the uPVC bi-fold door allows
an abundance of natural light into your home with good accessibility through a single operating door. And when all the doors are open and folded away,
the outside comes inside, providing ventilation in your home, a clear unobstructed view, and the versatility of creating a single large area.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals can talk you through your project. Whether you require us to just supply, or provide a site survey and use our
team to install, we have the required facility to help you. GFT prides itself on producing excellent value for money with high quality products without
compromising on functionality. GFT’s fold & slide doors create endless opportunities for design and add a new dimension to your home or business.

“Designed and manufactured at GFT, each and every fold & slide door is custom made and available in a wide variety. Exceptional care is taken in designing our
fold & slide doors for durability and long-term performance. Each and every installation of fold & slide door done by us, comes with a guaranteed promise
that we will do everything possible to ensure you have a pleasant home improvement experience.

Window Flyscreen Options: Retractable, pleated. | Door Flyscreen Options: Retractable, pleated and motorized.

Closed Position

GFT Fold & Slide windows and doors provide great security for your home through
multiple locking points operable from just one handle. Keylocking mechanisms are
available for this system, allowing for even greater security.

Open Position 2

When required, two panels can be opened
and used as a French Door. Both panels
can be opened 180 degrees, creating a
large open space.

Open Position 1

In the 4-panel configuration shown below one of the
panels can operate as a standard door, without
disturbing the rest of the panels.

Open Position 3

When the door is fully opened it creates a large seamless open space.
The panels fold up flush with one another, maximising the opening. In this position
the retractable flyscreen can be used to it’s full potential. Allowing
you to have fresh air in an environment free from bugs

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