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Tilt & slide

Green Fenestration offers sliding doors for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens


Doors Design


Range Min. Max.
Width Height Width Height
Series 1500 900 450 2000 2200
Series 3000 900 450 2400 2400

Range Min. Max.
Width Height Width Height
Series 1500 450 450 1000 2200
Series 3000 450 450 1200 2400
  • Two movable sliding tracks that slide in opposite directions.
  • Provides 50 % opening at any given time.
  • Retro fit fly mesh can be fitted on an additional track. The mesh slides towards the sash that is opened.
  • Mesh has to be added at the time of specification. Track cannot be welded once the window is fabricated.
  • Windows that require good sound insulation and space economy.
  • All windows that require mesh.
  • Bedrooms, living rooms

Note: Exact sizes will vary according to the wind pressure in your city and the floor where doors have to be installed.

For Home Owners

Home Owners

Series 3000

    Recomended for
  • Large/tall openings like balconies, living rooms.
  • Monsoon prone areas, especially those along the coast.
  • High rise buildings which experience high velocity winds.
  • In high-rise buildings open to high velocity winds, the door comes with the option of a Hurricane Bar for additional structural strength.
  • Monsoon proof solutions like Rain Track and Door Sill can be incorporated, depending on monsoon intensity.
  • Giant doors for a better view.
  • More hardware options (see hardware section for details).
  • All doors come with multipoint locking system.
  • Can accommodate thicker glass (up to 29 mm) for better insulation